Android VS iOS for Gaming via Mobile has now become a trend not fading any soon. For most of the young people, mobile phones have become their gaming powerhouse. In a quest to quench the thirst for video gaming through mobile phone devices, different companies have come up with multiple operating systems to suit the needs of the market. Every company seeks to dominate the market share hence continuous improvements on their operating systems. However, two companies have stood as giants in the business leaving others to struggle in finding a greater market share. The Android by Google, as well as iOS by Apple, have dominated the world of mobile phones production. An analysis of the two operating systems might help shed light on what the companies can offer to the gaming industry.

The Android vs. iOS Operating System for Gaming

While some people may argue about either of the two operating systems being better than the other under the basis of user preference, a review on certain factors may help one decide on which platform is best for gaming. The factors include game availability, processor’s power and speed, storage, customization, and battery life. Hence it is necessary to look for specific elements of comparison to shed light on what each of the operating systems offers.

Processor Power, GPU, and Speed

The biggest disappointment while in play is many lags as well as slow responses. The latter happens as a result of low GPU and the processor’s slow speed. Mobile phones, just like computers require both powerful GPU and processors for a great play experience characterized by efficient high-graphic output.
With different manufacturers, Android phones may have different processors. However, the common processor remains to be Snapdragon 821 which runs well on games complemented by its Adreno GPU.

An update in the processor for Android is the Snapdragon 825 which is more efficient than the previous in terms of battery consumption, as well as 3D performance. Major brands such as Samsung have incorporated the latest processor in their devices for a better gaming experience for the device users.
Just like the Android, Apple IOS has also updated it’s A9 processors to the A10 Fusion processor which is by far more significant for gaming. It guarantees a forty percent better performance in gaming as well as a fifty percent increase in the GPU performance than the previous processor. The latter makes the IOS prove irresistible for most in terms of flawless gaming.

Availability of the Games

The two operating systems boast of App stores that have millions of applications including the gaming apps. Since the two operating systems offer most of the games in their App stores, either freely or under a cost, a new factor breaks a tie in terms of games availability. Alternative App stores as well as sideloading remains a crucial difference that the Android and IOS have. All IOS users can only get access to the games they desire from the IOS App store. That’s quite depressing looking at the Android operating system that allows the acquisition of applications from external sources other than the Google Play Store. While most may lament over the IOS’s opposition to third-party app stores, it proves to be a smart move in protecting its users from the risk of malware. Users who need a variety of gaming options from external app sources may have to put up with the dangers of engaging in it as well as using the Android operating system.

Battery Life, Storage, and Customisability

In terms of battery life, each of the operating systems offers quite a variety of options based on specific devices. Different devices possess a different mAh rating thus guaranteeing different battery life for the users. Therefore, gamers may look for devices that ensure greater battery life. However, the IOS comes with both software and hardware optimization for their batteries making them more efficient even in their smaller size and lower mAh rating. The Android has on the other edge provided larger cells that have a higher mAh rating to try beat the IOS technology in battery life management.

Since most of the games require quite some huge storage amount for a perfect play experience, the choice of the operating system to use becomes crucial for gamers. In a quest to outclass the IOS, the Android has offered its users the ability to customize their device freely. With more control over their devices, the Android users can customize their devices in a manner that they operate at their maximum capability. On the other hand, the IOS offers a superior performance that has low freedom to customize the device.


Having checked on the several factors that make gaming experience between the Android and the IOS different, one can make sound choices over what operating system and device to use in gaming. However, the gamers or user preference may be affected by other factors such as the price of the device. Android VS iOS for Gaming seem not to have tired in making better gaming experiences to the world through their constant updates thanks to the endless competition for a market share.

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