Fresh Mobile VR Games for 2019
By Tamara Abrosimova

Fresh Mobile VR games for 2019 is getting the whole VR deal package, but just don’t have the money or a lot of time to set the system up- no problem! You can buy a cardboard goggles at Walmart, download free and super cheap VR games and enjoy them from your own phone! Not to mention that you can enjoy your favorite movies and television shows and be a part of them right from your cell phone.

Let’s start off with mind games. ”InMind VR” lets you experience of what it’s like being inside a human brain and you get to find out and learn about characters’ mental disorders. Did I also mention? The game is free!
Next on the list is ”BattleZ” in which you team up with your mates and protect the world from zombies. It’s quite a fun shooting game that’s compatible with both Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

If you want to have a real horror story experience, then ”Sisters” is what you need. In the game you are in the haunted mansion and every time you turn around, something wouldn’t be right. At the end you’ll be shaking from the jump scares. ”Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game” is a mix of horror and escape the room gameplay. Like any great movie or a book it is guaranteed to give you goosebumps and send shivers down your spine. Imagine if one day you had everything in life- family, money, happiness and the next morning when you woke up your memories are gone and you’re in a dark room, by yourself.

For lovers of different worlds and having a need to escape the cloudy days, ”VR Fantasy” invites you to its world of dungeons and solving puzzles and riddles. It’s one of those games you can’t miss. ”Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue” is an epic runner game in which you are on a mission to rescue your friends. You’ll get to enjoy awesome graphics and amazing gameplay! ”Rollercoaster VR” on the other hand lets you experience an adrenaline rush as you go from one scenery to another. The most fun part is when your character gets to fight zombies!

When you’re hyper and have nowhere to put the energy, then ”Need for Jump” is your perfect companion. In the game you get to collect coins by jumping, and whenever you need to get to different direction, head movements would help. It’s fun and very entertaining.
If you feel like you need some space, then guess what? ”VR Space: The Last Mission” is what will entertain you for hours. You are a space war veteran who is the last one alive on your spaceship and you get to fight aliens, who are your enemies. It is a shooter game and every level gets harder.
Lastly, ”Bombsquad VR” is one of the best games for Android as you are playing with your friends and try your best to avoid bombs and capture flags. It is definitely one of the best arcade games that has platform elements, and it’s only $3!

Go ahead and put on your goggles, enjoy free Fresh Mobile VR games for 2019

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