Is the iPhone Good For Gaming? In short, yes, it is good for gaming. However, there are many variables to consider when using the iPhone as a gaming platform and what you are looking to get out of a gaming experience.

Current generation iPhones come equipped with Apple’s highly capable processors in order to adequately handle even the most CPU intensive games. Take the latest Flagship iPhone, the XS Max, for example. It houses Apple’s powerhouse A12 Bionic chip which not only loads graphics at incredibly high speeds, but also renders them quickly. This translates to a seamless gaming experience for the end user with minimal fuss or hang ups. Fornite, a highly competitive and popular 3D game, utilizes these specs to their fullest extent because of players swift movements and how much is happening on screen.

As an added bonus, iPhones are well known for their excellent memory management so that users do not experience heating issues as often as their Android counterparts. Not only does memory management help keep the phone at a regulated temperature, it also helps keep battery life in check. For those with longer subway or train commutes to and from work, this is great news. Users can immerse themselves in gaming worlds for well over two hours on most iPhones out today- which is on par with the Nintendo Switch in its handheld mode.

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, iPhones users have access to a variety of gaming controllers that mimic the feel of a handheld console. The addition of physical buttons and a control stick can contribute to more precise movement than solely relying on your phones touch screen interface. For games such as the aforementioned Fortnite, the use of a controller can help eliminate user error because they allow for more flexibility than relying on ones fingertips. They are available across a wide array of retailers and start a fair $20.

While we have spoken on how adept the iPhone is at rendering competitive games, it is important to discuss how it can appeal to a casual audience. With over 500 games being submitted to the App Store daily, the iPhone market has a myriad of choices at their fingertips. Do you love a challenging puzzle? Consider downloading Bejewled or Puzzlejuice. In the mood for an immersive Role Playing Game? Bastion involves playing as “The Kid”, a character set on adventure and who is bent on finding “cores” in a stunning environment. Whether you are ready to set out on a grand quest to save your home planet, or simply trying to best your friends in a game of Scrabble, the App Store is ready to deliver.

Lastly, the iOS App Store gets access to exclusive games and releases before the Android App Store does. The iPhone lineup is smaller than that of Android’s, which means that developers are able to optimize games for a handful full of iOS devices easier than Android’s roughly 12,000 device iterations.

With a vast game selection in the App Store, robust Apple processors, and extensive battery life, it is a great time to hop on board the iPhone gaming train.

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