Top Games for The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch introduces an incredible library of games for every level of player. No matter what genre, difficulty, or intensity you’re looking for, this list has something for everyone. Here are the top games out right now for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Since its inception, the idea of fighting with all of your favorite Nintendo characters in an epic arena has been nothing short of awesome. For both old and new fans of the franchise, Ultimate truly takes it to another level. With improved mechanics, the ability to fight with eight players at once, a reimagined story mode in World of Light, and a roster of every Smash character ever and then some, Ultimate is the pinnacle of this franchise, and a must have on this console.

Super Mario Odyssey
Despite being featured at E3 in 2017, this Super Mario title wasn’t talked about much after it’s release, being overshadowed by monster titles like Smash and Legend of Zelda. But for fans of other open-world Mario games, stretching all the way back to Super Mario 64, Odyssey is a treat. Colorful, whimsical, and addictively fun, there’s a hidden surprise around every corner. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated completionist, this game truly does give you control over how deeply you dive into it. But no matter how far you dive, it rewards you with a touching story, delightful music, and more charm and fun than many Mario games before it.

Stardew Valley
One of the most refreshing improvements of the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s dedication to including indie games in its library, primarily in its eShop. One of the most anticipated and welcomed additions is Stardew Valley. A popular PC game in which you quit your 9-5 desk job to inherit your grandfather’s farm, Stardew Valley is a charming time. You can improve your skills as you expand your farm and build relationships with the townspeople, and maybe even find love. For those anxiously waiting for the new Animal Crossing release, this game is just what you need to pass the time.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Easily the most anticipated game at the time of the Switch’s release, Breath of the Wild does not disappoint. Very high on the list of the greatest Zelda games of all time, BoW’s masterful musical score, stunning art direction and cinematography, and heart wrenching story make this game more than a game; it’s an experience. This game does something many do not do successfully, giving you complete autonomy in how quickly you work through the main story line but giving you complete freedom in where you go and what you do. There’s endless surprises, incredible side quests and side plots, and a menacing villain that all come together to make this game a masterpiece on several levels. It’s a love letter to Zelda fans everywhere and is a must-play for every Nintendo Switch owner.

There’s a great deal of games that could easily have made this list. Nintendo Switch’s library of games is expansive and impressive, so try out these must-play games on the console and continue to explore all of the games the Switch has to offer!

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